Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Self-Love Can Destroy Your Organization

Corporate guru Poojya Swami Sukhabodhananda warns about the danger of self-love - "the addiction to one's point of view, one's dogma" - which can lead to disorder in an organization. He explains this by way of an analogy:

“Who is flying the kite?”
The egoistic person says, “I am flying the kite”.
The breeze says, “I am flying the kite”.
The tail of the kite says, “I am flying the kite”.
The string says, “I am flying the kite”.
Existence voice says, “Oh child, we are flying the kite”.

The value of the team is very important and that is possible if one’s love is not restricted to the self but to the whole. This ethical mode should be valued and respected in the organization, apart for honouring people who reach their targets. Such a value spontaneously brings in the power to give, the power to contribute, the power to serve.

You can find the whole article in  The Star's Metrobiz, 18 April 2012.