Friday, May 11, 2012

A Model for Personal Branding
Enterprising Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Ricky Soo holds an MBA and a B.SC in Computer Science, with a major in software engineering. A voracious reader, Ricky writes on subjects ranging from jokes, ethics, Internet Marketing to technology and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Here he shares with us a model he has created on personal branding.
In business and entrepreneurship, we often talk about “business models” and “revenue models”. Put simply, a business model describes how a business works and competes.  A revenue model says how the business earns its revenue and profits.
This is the first time I've come up with a formal model on real- life problems. It is not meant to be complete or entirely accurate.  A model is just a representation of the real world.  It is meant to help us make decisions on real- life problems. It has weaknesses and we should not depend entirely on a model.
The model doesn’t try to cover everything about personal branding. Nor does it explain why we should brand ourselves, or how to go about doing it. But it’s more on the elements of personal branding and the kind of questions we should ask ourselves when developing and evaluating our own personal brand.
Ricky's model on personal branding